FFP3 respirator with valve BM-031V NR D (2pcs.)
7 March 2022
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FFP3 respirator BM-033V (10pcs)
2 February 2021
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FFP3 respirator BM-033V (5pcs)

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This protective FFP3 respirator is designed to protect the wearer from various types of infections, viruses, airborne bacteria and even pollution, dusts.

This mask has a breathing valve. A breathing valve is beneficial to avoid moisture and improve exhaling capability. It also reduces the fogging on eyeglasses.

These masks are suitable for reducing the chances of getting a coronavirus infection. The respirator is designed to be used together with other personal protective equipment (safety glasses, protective shields, etc.), a properly adjusted nose clip will protect them from fogging.

FFP3 respirator fits perfectly to the face, which provides high-quality protection. This face mask can provide very good protection for up to 8 hours.

Filters above 99% particles in the air. 

  • With a nose bridge and a strap behind a head;
  • Cup shape;
  • Breathing valve: Yes;
  • Classification: FFP3;
  • EU declaration of conformity: EN149: 2001 + A1: 2009;
  • CE marking.
Material 4 layer (180gsm spunlace nonwoven fabric; 40gsm meltblown fabric; 40gsm meltblown fabric; 150gsm spunlace nonwoven fabric)
Filtration efficiency Above 99%
Marking EN 149:2001+A1:2009; FFP3
Duration of use NR – single use (no more than one shift)
Exhalation valve Yes
Weight 24 grams
Size Universal size (package size  20x17x14)
Shelf life 2 years
Manufacturer Baltic Masks, Lithuania
Important information Used products must be disposed of as hazardous waste

Users manual:
1. Wash or disinfect hands before taking out the mask off a package. Avoid touching the inner surface of the mask.

2. Place respirator agains your face, with the bottom under chin and metal nose clip across a bridge of nose.

3. Pull the bottom head band over your head and place around the neck below the ears.

4. Pull the top head band over your head and place at the top behind your head.

5. Use both hands to bend the metal nose clip to fit snugly against your nose and face. The respirator can fit as well if you pinch the metal nose clip using two hands. Slide fingers down both sides or metal nose clip to seal it against your nose and face.

6. Do not touch the mask while using. If so, wash or disinfect your hands.

1. This product is not intended to be used for protection against harmful gases, vapors or fatty aerosols;
2. This product does not generate oxygen and is not intended for use in a low pressure environment;
3. It is not recommended to use the mask if it does not fit completely on the face when applying the mask;
4. If you notice that the mask is damaged, leaking, or you have difficulty breathing while using the mask, replace the mask immediately;
5. This product is disposable. The recommended duration of use is 4-8 hours.

Weight 0.320 kg
Dimensions 20 × 14 × 17 cm

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